Neuropsychiatric Evaluations: What Are They?

Depending on who you talk to and where you do your research, you might have heard the term neuropsychiatric evaluation or had it suggested to you that your child receive one. If you have never of the term before, you might be a little confused and trying to figure out what this type of evaluation entails, versus a regular psychiatric evaluation.

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The differences between the two are stark, so let’s make sure you are up to speed by diving into some of the specifics revolving around neuropsychiatric evaluations and how they can help.

Learning More

A neuropsychiatric evaluation is one that seeks to perform a very in-depth evaluation of a person’s bran functions. Especially useful (and often recommended) for children who might be having trouble in school, it can be used for just about anybody to determine factors like attention span, IQ, language skills, and more.

There are a few benefits to receiving this type of assessment, including potential diagnosis from a professional. Unless you take your child for such an assessment, you might know that they could potentially have ADHD or a similar attention disorder. The doctor handling the evaluation can suggest courses of action or treatments based on the assessment.

If you think your child could benefit from such an assessment, all you need to do is find a neuropsychiatrist in your area who could handle the evaluation. To get some ideas for suitable doctors in your area, you can ask your child’s school for recommendations, see if any other parents might have some suggestions, or do some research online for neuropsychiatrists in your area.

When you’re ready to see how your child’s evaluation might go, you can schedule an appointment with neuropsychiatric evaluation chicago professionals who will be more than happy to give your child an assessment and then suggest further options and resources if it is necessary.