Do Automated Systems Take the Humanity Out of My Business?

Have you ever called up a business and been answered by an automated system giving you a choice of numbers to press to advance in the menu? You may be wanting to talk to a real person, and the option is usually there in the menu choices. Not everyone is a fan of automated systems, while others find them much more convenient and easier to deal with than talking with a real person.

What about the business side of things? Does it take the humanity out of your business to upgrade some of the technology in your office?

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A Deeper Dive

Think about how an automated system could come in handy around your business. In busy environments, especially one as hectic and important as a pharmacy, you should be looking for every way possible to make things not only more convenient for the customers who come into pick up their medicine, but also for your workers who work so hard to get that medicine to the customers every day.

An automated system doesn’t just make things easier for the employees, either. It can also make things a ton simpler for the people who try to call in every day. Instead of taking time away from gathering and dispensing medications for a real person to answer, you could have an automated machine answer calls and direct them to a live person only if it is important enough.

Your automated system can remind customers when their medicines are ready, text them pickup alerts, and much more. This is all part of the convenience and ease that upgrading your pharmacy pos software and other technologies in your pharmacy could bring with it, helping you make things easier for your employees and customers alike.