Budget-friendly ways to rid your backyard of pesky mosquitos

The mere thought of mosquitos hovering around you, even if they are not biting you, sends chills up your spine. Summers are synonymous with mosquitos, and thereby, mosquito control solutions. It is the period we don our gloves and get to work considering the mosquito control services in League City on which to rely.

Here are a few budget-friendly hacks to make a habit of before you go calling the mosquito control specialists.

·    Install an oscillating fan

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Yes, even a grounded oscillating fan can do the trick, but a suspended oscillating fan supplies more efficiency. Oscillating fans are non-chemical repellants that you can buy at cost-effective prices. Even a second-hand fan works, as long as there is enough power running through the blades. The stronger the spinning speed, the farther the mosquitos stay.

·    Mosquito nets

Often, mosquito nets serve as the solution to small spaces like over a bed or a hammock, maybe even a camping tent. Nevertheless, they serve as delightful keep-the-mosquitos-at-bay options under the starry-nights.

·    Treat large stagnant water bodies.

Mosquitos require stagnant water sources to lay their eggs. In short, as long as there is water, you are encouraging mosquito breeding. If you have a large pool in your backyard that you cannot drain every day, consider treating the water. There are many eco-friendly options for water treatment that do not allow mosquitos to hover near the water.

·    Clean your backyard

The most sensible budget-friendly solution to keeping the pesky bloodsuckers within their limits is to clean your backyard. Clear up all clogged drains, check the roof for puddles or potential puddle-spots, and mow your yard and remove weeds. Finally, install a fine mesh over the windows and doors to keep the mosquitos where they belong, outside.

Summing up

As the penultimate resort, you can spray a homemade treatment mix all over your yard. Just ensure you employ moderately toxic treatment mixes and avoid killing the beneficial rodents around your yard.